Will Authorize.Net Akamai switch affect your nopCommerce store?

In the last few months, we have received many requests from existing clients using Authorize.Net as a primary payment gateway concerned about the upcoming Authorize.Net gateway API changes.

Will this change affect your nopCommerce site? 

Short answer : NO

Long answer: If your site is running on any version of nopCommerce and Authorize.Net is the primary gateway your site Will Not be affected and should continue to process transactions.

While nopCommerce use different API endpoints (https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll and https://api.authorize.net/soap/v1/Service.asmx) both implementations will not be affected by this update. AuthorizeNet is just switching their network infrastructure from In-House implementation where they have to route all incoming API requests to a more reliable cloud-based provider like Akamai. The current API endpoints are still pointing to their old network and they encourage developers to start using the new API endpoints served by Akamai (https://api2.authorize.net/soap/v1/Service.asmx https://secure2.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll).

After June 30, 2016 the current https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll and https://api.authorize.net/soap/v1/Service.asmx are going to be automatically switched to Akamai SureRoute as well. The switch should not cause payment transaction issues.

In the nopCommerce implementation, the endpoints are hardcoded in the source code and can not be changed without recompilation of Nop.Plugin.Payments.AuthorizeNet.

We have updated the nopCommerce code and updated the Authorize.Net plugin for all clients running on the nopCommerce.

The Authorize.Net technical update is mainly for service providers who have authorized only specific endpoint IP’s in their server firewalls or have hard-coded the endpoint IP in the source code.

Please feel free to contact our support team  if you still have questions regarding this Authorize.Net update.