Drundo Datacenter and Network Details

We use SoftLayer’s data centers to house our servers. All data centers are built on a unique pod design concept that makes them functionally independent with distinct and redundant resources. The SoftLayer network provides all customers with over 2,000 Gbps of connectivity between 4 data centers and 7 points of presence (PoPs) across the United States. Softlayer have enabled dozens of 10Gbps network connections across our locations that are provided by 10 leading US network providers, and include multiple public peering links to dozens of additional Internet access networks.

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  • Multiple Internet backbone connections
  • Automatic fail-over through alternate secure connection
  • Secure, high-speed data transmission between data centers
  • 3 independent A/C feeds and robust UPS resources
  • Cisco Systems 10G network
  • Cisco Guard DDOS protection
  • TippingPoint IPS/IDS protection
  • Arbor Peakflow traffic analysis
  • Automated IP routing and management
Datacenter Picture Datacenter Picture
Datacenter Picture Datacenter Picture

Datacenter and Network Diagrams

Datacenter Network DiagramDatacenter Network Diagram